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About Barlup Wine

Making Wine Since


We are a small winery located in Marysville, Pennsylvania

The Art of Wine Making

At Barlup Winery quality is our main goal. We reduce the amount of ppm in sulfites, use natural and organic sprays in our vineyard and limit the amount of herbicides used to maintain the vineyard. When back sweetening our sweet wines we also use organic raw sugar. So you can feel good about what you drink with Barlup wine. 

Wine Tastings

Prescheduled private tastings available. Email Justin at

Winery Tours

By Appointment Only

3k Bottles Produced / Yr

We don’t mass produce our wine to maintain the quality.


Looking to have a wine tasting party? Get in touch and set up your next party today!


You can purchase Barlup wine by ordering online or at select distributors in Pennslyvania. 

Come Visit Us

If you would like to visit the vineyard feel free to give me a call or send me an email. We don’t do tastings at a winery location, but you can message us for a private party tasting. Like your own personal Traveling Vineyard!

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